Definition of a Matro Man
Macho; competitive, confident, strong-- striving
for excellence in every aspect of life
Metro; taking pride in one's appearance,
exhibiting a keen sense of style,
and meticulous attention to detail.
Where Sophistication Meets Strength
Matro is a brand of business casual menswear designed for athletically built men; classic pieces, tapered to accentuate the frame of gentlemen with a larger than average chest to waist ratio. We strive to produce clothing and accessories of the highest quality, for men of the highest caliber. The Matro logo is featuredĀ on the back of our clothing because our men not only define who they are but who we are as a company. Our designs take inspiration from the dapper threads of the 1920's-50's, reviving the look of the 'classic man' while catering to a modern silhouette.
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An Exceptional Fit
When the modern button down shirt was developed by Brooks Brothers in 1867, it was born for sport. Inspired by polo uniforms of the 19th century, these shirts were athletic and utilitarian in design. In the mid 20th century, the classic button down made its way to the daily wardrobe of men across the western world. While the pattern remained unchanged for several decades, the men wearing the shirts grew on average 5'10 in height, and 8 BMI points. Today, the demand for clothing that fits the modern, athletic man is at an all time high. Our semi-tailored design creates a custom feel without the hassle of shopping and alterations. We use tapers and seams, in all the right places, to accentuate the frames of men with greater than average chest to waist ratios. Our shirts feature flexible collars and sleeves in a range of sizes, to not only fit men with a more athletic build, but to accentuate and flatter their best features. We believe that every day life should be approached with the same level of confidence and ambition as life in the gym, or on the field. Exceptional men deserve exceptional clothing.
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